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Our modern insulating glass selection fulfills the most diverse demands. The main function of insulation glass is excellent heat insulation. Harman Fensterbau products are equipped standard with a high-quality heat-insulating triple-glazed with low-E coating and gas filling. Triple glazing with the lowest thermal transmittance is used for maximum energy saving requirements.

Furthermore, we have a wide variety of glazing options like noise protection glass, safety glass, sun protection, and design glass.

Thermal protection glass

Keeps the heat in the house ADVANTAGES: Protects the environment and saves costs by using less heating energy lower heating costs optimal room temperature Environmental protection by reducing CO² emissions into the atmosphere Reduce heating costs while protecting the environment Kill two birds with one stone: reduce your heating costs and protect the environment at the same time. This is possible with the use of heat protection glass. Talk to your specialist dealer about this.

Safety Glass

With security against injuries or burglaries ADVANTAGES: Wherever there is a risk that you could accidentally and violently come into contact with glass due to running, stumbling or slipping, a safety glass should be installed. The current building regulations must be observed. Use is particularly recommended when children are expected to be present. The glass withstands the loads better and should it break, the risk of injury is practically excluded. The particular advantage is that the glass surface remains closed in the event of damage. Special laminated safety glass structures offer additional protection and additional functions. In addition to protection against injury, safety glass also offers increased protection against unauthorized entry into your home by burglars.

Sun Protection

With protection from intense sunlight ADVANTAGES: Increased sun protection combined with thermal protection SUN PROTECTION They use the sun's heat and sunlight You reduce the need for air conditioning and reduce your energy expenditure if you use air conditioning


With effective protection against outside noise ADVANTAGES: Increased sound insulation combined with thermal insulation Soundproofing You benefit from acoustic comfort for living in a quiet living environment. They protect themselves against noise, the cause of stress and sleep disorders. You encourage your children's schoolwork thanks to a calm atmosphere that is favorable for learning

View restraint, translucency, a wealth of structures and colors – ornamental glass leaves plenty of room for new ideas. Ornamental glass disperses light and in so doing provides protection from exposure to indiscreet glimpses. Rooms remain light and airy and thereby come across as more spacious. large selection of structures and colors for customized design options and preferred styles contribute to environmental protection through the use of materials that can be recycled. Depending on the model, you can combine ornamental glass to serve as insulation glass with increased thermal insulation or sound protection, or to serve as safety glass.

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