Light, Shade, Protection, and Security

In addition to the window, the roller shutter box is often one of the main causes of large heat losses in the building envelope. Harman Fensterbau roller shutters are installed at the same time as the new window and thus form an energy-saving unit. For more living comfort, for saving energy and for less environmental pollution. The Harman Fensterbau roller shutter range meets the demands of our time.

Depending on your wishes, modern roller shutters fit into the window as a design element or almost invisibly in any facade. With a wide variety of profiles and a large selection of colors, there are almost no limits to individual taste.

Of course, Harman Fensterbau offers you a large selection of colors and shapes to create the optimal product for you.


Experience the unique combination of nature and technology. Look forward to the perfect window with distinctive design and luxurious interior appearance.

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