The most important subsistence for the human being is the air we breathe. Particularly in the most important place on earth, our home, the air should be free from pollutants.
Since we spend 90 percent of the day in closed spaces, discharges from building materials and furnishings can endanger our health. Today the strain on indoor air is ten times that of outdoors.
To date, our manufacturing partner is the only manufacturer of windows and front doors to fulfill the strict requirements of the Sentinel Haus Institut (SHI, Germany’s Sentinel House Institute helps to protect buildings from unwanted contaminants or structural damages), has had itself tested for these and meets them without limitations. Hence our manufacturing partner is the official product partner of the SHI network. SHI offers architects, building contractors, and fabricators a contractual indoor air quality guarantee.
The Sentinel Haus Institut guarantee makes exceptionally high demands on building materials used, making it unique in Europe when it comes to the health of building inhabitants.
Testing data available upon request for Sentinel Haus, AAMA, NFRC, Acoustic Values, and Passive House data.

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