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Wood Windows

Wood, a renewable raw material of our forests, is still regarded as a marvel of nature. Even though inroads have been made by advanced materials with highly specialized characteristic, the wooden window in all its beauty and universality cannot be rivaled.

Glass Options
Wood Surfaces: Pine
Wood Surfaces: Larch
Wood Surfaces: Oak
Wood Surfaces: Meranti

Concealed Hardware

All Aluminum-Wood Windows are equipped with concealed hardware as a standard feature. All structural components are integrated in the window frame and window leaf from the interior to appear invisible - this enables a consistent appearance left unmarred by fitting components.

Flush Hinges

Flush hinges allow for a 180 degree turning operation of the window. Custom-designed shapes, such as beveled/round-top windows and balcony doors with a flat threshold are supplied with visible flush hinges.

Luxurious and Glamorous Windows

Wood has been in vogue for centuries. The natural and comfortable stylishness turns your home into a feel-good oasis to be enjoyed.

Reduce your heating costs and prevent energy losses. Good heat insulation can largely prevent condensation forming on the glazing on the surface inside the room. You can do your part for environmental protection: The reduction of your energy consumption will also mean a reduction of your carbon footprint.

Benefit from acoustic comfort to enjoy life in a quiet residential setting. Protect yourself from noise the cause of stress and sleep disturbances.

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