The Best of Two Worlds

There are windows where everything is promising: the look, the manufacturing material, and the many special equipment options. Let yourself be inspired and inspired by the "two facets of a window". The aluminum-plastic window from Harman Fensterbau combines the advantages of two different, high-quality materials in one window. The very good thermal insulation properties of the plastic window are perfectly combined with the weatherproof aluminum shell on the outside.

The aluminum powder coating of the outer shell guarantees longevity and colorfastness and is easy to care for, low maintenance, and refreshingly colorful!

Models and Profiles

Experience the unique combination of nature and technology. Look forward to the perfect window with distinctive design and luxurious interior appearance.

Interior uPVC

Experience the unique combination of nature and technology. Look forward to the perfect window with distinctive design and luxurious interior appearance.

Exterior Aluminum

Experience the unique combination of nature and technology. Look forward to the perfect window with distinctive design and luxurious interior appearance.

Hardware Colors

The surface of our aluminum fittings is protected by either anodizing or powder coating. Anodising consists of a controlled, electrically induced oxidation process with the aid of sulphuric acid, which causes the base material to bond with oxygen and to grow a protective surface layer, the so-called oxide film. This film protects the products against detrimental influences such as hand perspiration, humidity, and light mechanical stress.

In powder coating, the coating powder is applied to the aluminum surface by means of an electrostatic process. It is then heated to a temperature of 150°-200°C causing the paint particles to melt to a film of paint in a chemical cross-linking reaction.

F9016 - White

F9 - Titan

F1 - Silver

F8019 - Grey Brown

F9714 - Matte Black

F4 - Bronze

F2 - Champagne

Insect Screen Options

Protect yourself and your loved ones from insects and other unwanted guests. In order to adapt perfectly to your needs, Harman Fensterbau offers various options to prevent insects and animals from entering. Thanks to the innovative fabric structure, external transparency is retained.

Fixed Screens

The clamping frame can be fixed without drilling and can, therefore, be flexibly attached and detached.

Swinging Screens

The rotating frame is mounted on the outside of the window frame and can be used flexibly. Particularly recommended for balcony and terrace doors, as well as windows.

Roll Screens

Integrated into your roller shutter box, the insect screen roller blind is only used when needed, otherwise it is protected against mechanical stress by your roller shutter box.

Privacy, Protection, and Security

Large glass surfaces are an integral part of modern architecture. The transparency of the glass fuses the transition between the interior and the outside world and creates a completely new sense of space. So that you and your loved ones can feel completely comfortable and undisturbed in your own four walls, Kneer-Südfenster offers you various options to protect your privacy.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds direct a lot of daylight into the interior and give you the opportunity to protect yourself from distracting glances from the outside. The durable aluminum slats reflect the sun's rays and thus prevent the rooms from heating up.

Roller Shutters

In addition to the window, the roller shutter box is often one of the main causes of large heat losses in the building envelope. Harman Fensterbau window roller shutters are installed at the same time as the new window and thus form an energy-saving unit.

Textile Screens

Textile screens combine several convincing advantages in one product: They score with very good sun and privacy protection properties. Even when closed, they allow enough daylight into the room and offer a good view outside.

Folding Shutters

Folding shutters made of aluminum or wood can be harmoniously integrated into the window in almost all construction situations.


Our modern insulating glass selection fulfills the most diverse demands. The main function of insulation glass is excellent heat insulation. This can be combined with the characteristics of our specialty glass selection. Harman Fensterbau products are equipped as standard with a high-quality, heat-insulating triple glazing.


The Harman Fensterbau basic security package consists of two security strikers and associated security mushroom pins. This is part of the basic equipment in every window. The fittings of the windows are generally equipped with wing lifters and maloperation locks. The hardware systems are extremely easy to use and enable the integration of electronic control and security elements.

Lift and Slide Doors

Large Format Doors open up a whole new perspective for your living space. With these innovative doors, you have the possibility of opening up your living space extensively to the outside, almost silently and with minimal effort. The flat ground sill facilitates a barrier-free transition between inside and outside.

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