Varied in Design and Color

With uPVC front doors from Harman Fensterbau, you create a tasteful entrance area for your domicile.

You can choose from a wide variety of colors to suit your personal style.

Brilliant Entry Doors

uPVC Surfaces

Experience the unique combination of nature and technology. Look forward to the perfect window with distinctive design and luxurious interior appearance.


AcrylColors only compatible with KF 595 and KF 694


A safe, comfortable home is an important building block for a high quality of life.
Unfortunately, the number of burglaries is increasing continuously. A break-in into an unsecured house takes only seconds. Usually, a screwdriver, a chisel or breaking a disk is enough.
After all, in 40% of the cases, the attempt remains, as more and more homeowners rely on burglar-resistant windows and front doors.

Harman Fensterbau Security features:

Tested security up to level RC2
Solid, dimensionally stable door leaf
Automatic multi-point locking
Belt side protection with patented wedge fold or roller belts
Lock cylinder with core pull protection
Secured, heavy tapes
Optional protection offers:

Barrier lock
Profile cylinder with security card
Motorized automatic locking
Access systems such as fingerprints or transponders
Electric peephole
Bell systems with camera

Access Systems

Secure and convenient access system, without a key, using a finger scanner.
At Kneer-Südfenster, the sophisticated fingerprint technology combines elegantly and elegantly with your front door. The integrated fingerprint enables easy access without keys, codes or cards. Your finger is the key.

access system using a transponder: After recognizing the access authorization, the front door unlocks automatically. This facilitates access and is also effective access control.

is an intelligent access, control, and monitoring system.
It improves comfort, increases safety, saves energy and money.
With SMART-HOME, front doors, shading, etc. can be controlled electrically or wirelessly based on a radio system - simply using a tablet or smartphone.
The controller can cooperate with all common building technology providers via appropriate interfaces. This creates barrier-free living spaces that make the house and apartment fit for the future.


As standard, the front doors are equipped with high-quality, overlying and elegant roller hinges.

The roller hinges ensure an optimal fit of the front door and offer protection against attempts at levering out. The silver look also gives exclusivity.

On request, completely concealed fittings offer an elegant look, without visible bands - in addition, the sealing level is not interrupted by the bands.

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