Introducing Harman Fensterbau

Harman Fensterbau is introducing high-performance European windows and doors to North America.

Harman Fensterbau on display in Asbury Park Headquarters: Studio Fenster und Türen

In May 2017, Harman Fensterbau established the first dealer and headquarters at Studio Fenster und Türen in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Product offerings designed to complement traditional and trending contemporary architecture “Our manufacturing partner was founded over 80 years ago in the Bavaria region of Germany. It has been one of the largest and most renowned manufacturers of windows and front doors in Germany. Whereas, many other European windows offerings available in the US are sourced from multiple unrelated shops throughout Europe with production and distribution is all over the map, and typically sold by independent representatives direct to end-users. By establishing an exclusive manufacturing partnership, Harman Fensterbau ensures transparency, continuity in options, consistent quality, and service levels”, says Jay Harman, founder of Harman Fensterbau.

“Our approach is more traditional and proven; through a select dealer network, of which each dealer has the knowledge and expertise in their respective markets which have a need for luxury high-performance windows and doors”, said Harman.


Currently setting up dealerships throughout the East Coast

Classic Aluminum Wood Windows

Aluminum-Wood Tilt-Turn Corner Sample, Triple Glazed AHF95

Harman Fensterbau’s product range offers European high-performance tilt-turn windows, pivot windows, fixed windows, French doors, large format folding doors, lift and slide doors, tilt and slide doors and entry doors in a variety of construction options, finishes, and customization choices. The company offers uPVC, All Wood, Aluminum Clad Wood, All Aluminum and Timber Curtain Wall products with Low-E, triple-glazing as the standard, which far exceeds most major US manufactured windows.

About Harman Fensterbau, Inc. Designed and produced in Germany, our manufacturing partner has been producing high-quality windows and doors for over 80 years and is recognized leader throughout Europe. Built to exacting standards the level of precision and attention to detail is intended for decades of trouble-free and high-performance operation. All our products are triple-glazed and far exceeds current performance requirements for U.S. window and door manufacturers. Our product offerings are clearly for the discerning and those who expect the very best.

For information and dealership inquiries, please contact Harman Fensterbau at 877.447.3888 or email