All-Aluminum Entry Doors

A lovingly designed entrance hall gives us the feeling of being welcomed with open arms and delights us with every new day. Guests instinctively feel: "I am welcome here!" A front door is not merely a basic commodity. It reflects the personality of the homeowner and triggers emotion.

Luxury is a concept that gains new meaning with Harman Fensterbau. With the premium-quality product, aluminum entry doors, the highest demands are met, leaving a lasting impression and special appeal to the senses.

Aluminum Surfaces: Standard

Overlying Hinges

Heavy three-part installation hinges ensure that your door is fitted perfectly and provide protection against attempts at forced entry. The silver optics, moreover, impart exclusivity. The 5-fold bolting device makes life difficult for unwanted visitors. One main bolt, two massif bolts and two swivel bolt locks make forced entry almost impossible.

Fully Concealed Hinges

All aluminum-wood entry doors as well as the modern wood entry door systems are available with fully concealed hinges. You will have unimpaired and perfect interior aesthetics.

Doors with Intrinsic Value

Alongside a classy design, the technical characteristics of a front door are of great importance because quality will pay off in the long run.

Entry Door Security

It does not compromise the appearance of your front door, but offers additional safety and security. Your front door can only be opened to a small gap, facilitating "secure" contact with the visitor. It is impossible for the door to be pushed open from outside.

Entry Door Fingerprint Scanner

Finger scan offers easy and secure access. At Harman Fensterbau, we combine advanced finger scanning technology with your front door elegantly and designed to perfection. The integrated finger scanner facilitates easy access without keys, codes or cards.

Harman Fensterbau, Built for Generations

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