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Roller shutters can do a whole lot more than just the usual up and down. Harman Fensterbau roller shutters are intelligent and - if you wish - even fully automated systems that protect against the summer heat, undesirable prying eyes, break-ins, heat loss as well as insects.

They are dynamically controllable design elements for facades and provide effective protection against capricious weather. They change the atmosphere and lighting mood of your rooms ever so slightly or quite dramatically.

External Venetian Blinds

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Flat Slat

External Venetian Blinds

We spend a large part of our lives within our living spaces. Windows form an essential interface between interior and exterior. They should allow in as much light as possible, yet at the same time preserve our privacy.

External Venetian blinds are able to continuously regulate the natural light that comes into your living spaces according to the sun's position. Lighten up a room without overheating, or darken it without sacrificing the outside view. Our external Venetian blinds offer the ideal combination of comfort and freedom.

Rolling Textile Screens

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Special Fabrics
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Rolling Textile Screens

Harman Fensterbau textile screens are convincing not only thanks to their outstanding sun shading properties. Their functionality is unique: They provide protection against the heat while still allowing in enough daylight for a natural atmosphere, also enduring a good view from the inside out.

All this without any additional expenses, since Harman Fensterbau textile screens are weather-proof and practically maintenance-free. When it comes to creating an atmosphere, they also offer a world of new possibilities.

Textile Screens

Textile Screens

Customized insect screening according to the individual requirements means primarily the following: You won´t get any ready-made fly-screens or insect screening solutions from us but rather the exact kind of protection that you will need for your very special application and installation situation.

That´s why our trained specialist dealers will not just "sell" you any product but he will first give you comprehensive advice and then develop together with you the best possible protection against insects for your windows and doors.

Harman Fensterbau - Textile Screen Door
Harman Fensterbau - Textile Sliding Screen Door
Harman Fensterbau - Rolling Screen, Window Application
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